Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finished 2010 Christmas Tree

I figured out months ago that I never posted a picture of our completed 2010 Christmas tree. Then life happened. Oh well, only 9 months late. Below is the final tree in all it's homemade glory. Scroll down for more individual ornament photos:

Deer Ornaments
Felt deer ornament with button eyes and nose from the old button stash.

Felt Snowman Ornaments
Hand stitched face, buttons and scrap fabric for scarf.

Perishable Ornaments / Decor
The only ornaments and decorations we will have to choose to make each year would be the gingerbread cookie ornaments (above) and the popcorn and cranberry garland (below). 
For 2011, I might make felt gingerbread instead of the cookies - but nothing compares to the popcorn/cranberry garland with the little pops of color.  That just might have to be an annual creation!

Now, it's already time to start more ornaments for 2011!  I've already got a few new ideas I've started to play with... I just hope I have enough time to make a few more this year to add to the collection.

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